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  • Welcome to Tour Page. is an online dating website for people with diabetes and all other single adults looking for that special someone. Purpose of this page is to help you get started and to show a few important tools that we provide for easier communication.

    Registration is completely free for first 300 members that sign up. Even better, for first 300 members, membership will always be free.

  • Getting Started

    Registration is quick and simple. You will not be required to give all infromation during registration.

    Usually the registration is done by providing only basic info such as name, email address, DOB, Zip Code, headline and description. You can always go back and add more later. We strongly recommend posting your photo, which would certainly improve visibility.

    As soon as your account is approved its all up to you. Good luck and happy dating.

  • Start Searching

    Once registered use our powerful system to search for your perfect match. Its quick, easy to use and lets you search for what you think is important in a date. Whether its their appearance, religion, lifestyle or professional background, our system lets you make the calls.

    You can look at as many profiles as you like, and once you find somebody you are interested in, just send them a wink, a full message or go straight to private chat and more advanced video and audio chat.

  • Wink System

    If your a bit shy when it comes to telling that special someone how you feel then we're here to help get the ball rolling.

    Our advanced wink system will give you the ability to let others know your interested in them without saying too much!

    Some of the other features that our site offers are forums, hot lists, friends lists, block feature, comments, matches, video recordings and more. Feel free to explore them all.

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